Volunteer info

The DSCL hosts multiple StarCraft-events every year and features year-round content on the website. We need volunteers to help us realize all that! If you are passionate about building e-sports and would like to be part of our growing crew, then keep reading.

We’re looking for volunteers in basically all parts of the organization, so take look around the Organizational Chart and see if there’s something you’d feel like doing. See below for specific ‘job openings’ in the DSCL Executive Team for 2016!

Are you convinced you want to join, or do you want more information? Then send an e-mail to contact@dutchstarcraftleague.nl! We also welcome donations (see below), all of which will be used for the benefit of e-sports in the Netherlands.

Current vacancies (as per June 1st 2016):

Head Marketing

The Head Marketing has one job: to attract participants and spectators for the DSCL! To do this, he/she sets up and coordinates the execution of a marketing plan. This plan covers all social media outlets, contacts with news websites, traditional media, and communities. The Head Marketing will think about how and when to use each of these channels, and will assemble and lead a small team of volunteers to carry out our media strategy.

Tournament Admin

Can you be the face of the DSCL for the players? We need an additional dedicated admin to manage the online and offline sections of our tournaments. The ideal candidates would have the following characteristics:

– Be able to eloquently and clearly communicate with players
– Be able to keep their heads cool in stressful situations
– Have experience mananaging online cups (not required)
– Be precise and have intimate knowledge of the rules of the tournament
– Like to work in a team

If you feel you’ve got what it takes, send an e-mail to our Head Admin, Antoine van Pouderoijen, at admin@dutchstarcraftleague.nl.


We’re looking for someone with experience in web-development who can help support the website(s). Generally this means HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) and being able to read and write PHP where necessary. If you’d like to help out send an e-mail to contact@dutchrank.nl. If you want a more in-depth information about what you would be doing send an e-mail to webmaster@dutchrank.nl.


Organizing the DSCL costs a lot of money, some of which we get through sponsor deals and most of it from our own pockets. Money is never easy to come by though, so we are always operating on a tight budget and trying to make do with what we have. If you want to expand our possibilities by making a financial contribution we would be most grateful. You can do so by transferring anything you can spare to IBAN-account number┬áNL03 SNSB 0705 8249 69 of the Stichting E-sports Nederland (BIC: SNSBNL2A), and add ‘donation’ to the description.

You can also send us your donation through PayPal, our account is contact@dutchrank.nl. Any and all donations are most welcome!