Awesome initiatives like the Dutch StarCraft League can’t work without awesome sponsors. We are always looking for new partners who are interested in making a dedicated investment in the DSCL. If your company or institution can benefit from reaching a substantial number of gaming enthusiasts, download our Sponsorship Packages-document. In this document we describe our tournament, introduce our audience and detail the exposure options we have to offer. Please send an e-mail to contact@dutchstarcraftleague.nl if you have any questions or want to arrange a meeting.

What we can do for you

The DSCL reaches a large audience in the gamer community. We do this via our website, VODs, live streams, Facebook, Twitter, several other game-related sites and of course during our live event finals. The tournament is organized in the Netherlands and focuses mainly on the Dutch community, but because the StarCraft community spans many borders we also generate international attention.

Depending on your investment we can offer exposure through any of the aforementioned channels. We can offer high quality exposure (serious product endorsement, spoken endorsements of your brand) to a very actionable community (need more likes on Facebook?). Please refer to our Sponsorship Packages-document for a full explanation of the types of exposure we can offer.

What we are looking for

The Dutch Starcraft League is primarily looking for sponsors who are willing to support us financially. We are looking for a broad variety of companies: game-related (hardware, software, online) or gamer-needs-related (drinks, food, jobs, education etc.).

For any questions or to arrange a meeting please contact us at contact@dutchstarcraftleague.nl.