DSCL chat channel now open

23-12-2012 tshot
Because we want to create a thriving and stable community surrounding the Dutch StarCraft League, we are always trying to get everyone connected as best as we can. We’ve therefore created an IRC channel on the Quakenet server: #DSCL. This allows each and every Starcraft 2 player to easily join our community and start interacting directly… View Article

A goodbye and a return

22-12-2012 tshot
Seon Hoon “Polt” Choi will depart from team TSL to go and study in the United States. Polt will, however, not retire from SC2, he will just be teamless for the foreseeable future. [quote=Polt]I think you’re wondering my next team. Actually I didn’t find a new team to be well mannered to TSL. So I… View Article

Sign-ups for the Team League are now OPEN!

21-12-2012 VanCaspel
As of right now sign-ups for the Team League are open! Any group of friends, colleagues or students is welcome to enroll. A team needs to have at least 5 members, and can have no more than 10 members. In contrast to the Individual League there will be no qualifiers for the Team League. Any… View Article

Homestory Cup #6. Day 1.

20-12-2012 tshot
After all this good news from the DSCL, it is time to hear some good news from our Dutch players as well! The Homestory Cup started yesterday (19/12) with many great players joining to battle for the ultimate prize. Our own Dutch players (Ret, Grubby and Harstem) joined the fray to show that a little… View Article

Cash prizes for the individual league

20-12-2012 VanCaspel
The Dutch StarCraft League will feature a €1000 prize pool which will be distributed among the top 8 players of the individual league! We expect there will be hardware prizes too, which will be announced at a later date. The Team League finalists (top 4) will not win cash, but neither will they leave empty-handed!… View Article

Dutch StarCraft League open to international players

19-12-2012 VanCaspel
As of right now the Dutch StarCraft League is open to international players of all skill levels! After a very thorough discussion in which several highly experienced people from the e-sports scene were involved, we’ve come to believe that our aim to generate attention for StarCraft in the Netherlands, and rally the Dutch community to… View Article

Admins needed!

18-12-2012 VanCaspel
Are you a patient person who can deal well with people online? Do you have experience with administrating online tournaments and do you have basic knowledge of StarCraft 2? Then you might be who we’re looking for! The Dutch StarCraft Leage Admin Team has several vacancies left, and we’re hoping to fill them as soon… View Article

Extra weekend-qualifiers!

17-12-2012 VanCaspel
Several people have voiced concerns about not being able to play in the qualifiers because they are unavailable on weekdays. So we’ve decided to accommodate them by adding three extra qualifiers on Sundays during the qualification period! The extra qualifiers will be on January 27th and February 10th and 24th. The sign-ups are now open!… View Article

DSCL & Heart of the Swarm

16-12-2012 VanCaspel
Many people have asked us what the Dutch StarCraft League will do once Heart of the Swarm comes out. The release of Heart of the Swarm is scheduled for March 12 2013, right between our last qualifier (March 5) and the start of the tournament (March 25). While we are fully aware that there are downsides… View Article

Sign-ups are going well!

14-12-2012 VanCaspel
It’s been nearly a week since we opened the sign-ups for the individual league and started the promotional campaign. So far almost 50 people have signed up for the first qualifier, and nearly 100 people have created an account on the forums! We’ve also sent out the first batch of promo packs with cool posters… View Article