DSCL Nationals 2019

The DSCL Nationals are back in 2019! On Sunday December 15th the very best Dutch StarCraft players will gather at the Esports Game Arena to battle over this year’s trophy and prize pool (support the crowdfunded prize pool – see below!). The whole event will be streamed live on Twitch.tv/DSCLeague, but the best way to enjoy the finals is to come to the arena (free entrance). The doors open at 11h and the finals are projected to start around 19:30h. Good times guaranteed, just check out the photos from last year or the impressions video:

The tournament

The DSCL Nationals have a simple format. 12 players enter a 1-day tournament where they’ll play round robin groups of 6, from which 6 players advance to an elimination bracket to decide the winner. The finalists and results can be found on Liquipedia:

Several tournaments throughout the year awarded DSCL-points to their participants, and we’ve kept score at DSCL.nl/ranking. The finalists were selected from this ranking, except for previous winners Harstem and uThermal who received direct invites.

The following tournaments awarded points for the DSCL Nationals ranking:

*The ThermyCup features a €1.500 prize pool and offers 50% more DSCL points!

**The qualifiers at the Esports Game Arena (EGA) feature a €275 prize pool, provided by a generous anonymous fan of the DSCL. Signups start at 14h, matches at 15h.

Crowdfunded prize pool

Total donations: €521,28 (€37,50 via the Dutchrank Store, €115 via PayPal, €280 via direct bank transfer & $103 (€88,78 after conversion) via Matcherino).

The prize pool will be split in the following ratio:

  • 1st place – 32% – €166,81
  • 2nd place – 16% – €83,40
  • 3/4th place – 8% – €41,70
  • 5/6th place – 6% – €31,28
  • 7/12th place – 4% – €20,85