October 27th: qualifier at Esports Game Arena

09-10-2019 VanCaspel

The third qualifier at the Esports Game Arena is coming up this month! Join us on Sunday, October 27th at 14h (matches start at 15h – an hour earlier than previous qualifiers!) in Alpen aan den Rijn for several hours worth of StarCraft maddness 😁. Players from all skill-levels are welcome to play for free, you don’t have to bring your computer, and everyone gets to play at least several matches. What’s more: every single map you win is worth prize money, because the €275 prize pool will be divided by the total number of maps won, and each player gets that amount for every map they win. Check out the results from last time here, and the current ranking here.

Take note: the fourth and last qualifier has been moved from November 24th to December 1st, to prevent overlap with HomeStory Cup XX. The finals will of course still be on December 15th.

Finally, and for the record: the Dutch StarCraft League strongly condemns Blizzard’s decision to ban a Hearthstone player for political reasons. The DSCL Nationals of 2019 will continue, but we will not engage in our usual giveaways and promotions of Blizzard products, nor will we promote Blizzard streams until they have reversed their decision and publicly and explicitly stated their support of human rights and freedom of speech.

Update: congratulations to Marsman, who beat Lind in a close 3-2 finals! The battle for 3rd place was also tense, with HolyHit facing defeat by his nemesis Djorjx. For the full results, see Battlefy. As for prize money, these are today’s earnings:

Marsman € 60,50
Lind € 55,00
Djorjx € 44,00
HolyHit € 44,00
Riquiz € 27,50
Speckops € 22,00
Methodape € 11,00
PigeonWrench € 11,00

Thanks for coming everyone, today was a lot of fun! See you on December 1st.

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