Second EGA qualifier results

27-06-2019 VanCaspel

Last Sunday was great! A record number of players (13!) showed up at the Esports Game Arena to play in the qualifier, and they won a grand total of 81 maps to earn prize money and qualification points. The full results can be found on Battlefy. The full results were not know until yesterday evening though, because since there were so many matches to play we didn’t get to play the playoffs on Sunday. Instead the numbers #1 from both round robin groups played each other online afterwards to determine the #1 spot. aGaham went up against uThermal’s Zerg late on Sunday evening and managed to beat the off-racing champion 3-0. This means aGaham is this qualifier’s winner! The #2 from both groups, Djorjx and Marsman, also played each other online. That was yesterday and Marsman was able to take the series 2-0 to grab the 3rd spot in the qualifier.

The group stages were quite exciting, especially group A where there was a three-way tie in matches between aGaham, Djorjx and HolyHit. aGaham had the best map score of the three, and Djorjx and HolyHit were tied for maps, their head-to-head result favored Djorjx. So close! That last match and many more were streamed on, go check it out and follow the channel for the next broadcast.

The DSCL Ranking has now been updated to reflect Sunday’s results. aGaham, Marsman, Djorjx and Riquiz are now in the 4 qualifying top-spots, but Fearomatic, Kelazhur, Lind and HolyHit are close behind. Remember: the numbers 5 through 16 in the ranking qualify for the online group stage at the end of the year, whereas the top-4 get direct seeds for the DSCL Nationals finals. As for prize money, this is how the €275 prize money for this qualifier was distributed:

aGaham € 41,31
Marsman € 39,89
uThermal € 36,78
Djorx € 31,12
HolyHit € 31,12
Fearomatic € 25,75
Riquiz € 24,90
Arnovic € 14,71
Methodape € 12,45
Prospect € 7,36
Zudikas € 6,22



Take note: the reward for the group stage matches has been adjusted somewhat because the group stage had two groups of different size, meaning that players from the bigger group had a chance to win more games. In order to compensate for this unfair advantage I’ve made it so that winning all your matches in either group would have netted you the exact same amount of prize money.

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