Science needs you!

22-05-2019 VanCaspel

Any StarCraft players here that want to help out with a science experiment? Alex Trout of Utrecht University is doing an experiment on the way the user interface in StarCraft II is used, and he’s looking for anyone who’s familiar with StarCraft to participate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Bronze or GM, as long as you have a bit of time to come in and play a match while wearing eye-tracking glasses. Because of those there’s only one restriction: you mustn’t have to wear glasses in order to play StarCraft, since those would get in the way of the eye-tracking.

Through his experiment Alex is trying to figure out whether players from different skill levels use the interface in different ways – do you think that’s the case? If you want to help him find out and have time to visit his lab in Utrecht reach out to him at


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