ThermyCup 3 results

21-04-2019 VanCaspel

This weekend the 3rd edition of the ThermyCup was played at The Party in Eindhoven. A whopping 33 players from across Europe brought their computers (or tablets :)) to show their best games, and uThermal once again proved himself a dedicated and gifted tournament admin. The groups and bracket were absolutely stacked with high-level players; the €1.500 prize pool may have had something to do with that…

Ultimately it was 3 ‘foreign’ Terran players who took the top positions: Reinca (from France) came in third, and InZaNe (from Germany) beat heavy-weight participant Kelazhur (from Brazil, but living in the Netherlands) in a hard-fought grand final. It was an utterly hype 5-game best-of-five underdog story! Several Dutch players also had really strong runs, like aGaham (4th), Djorjx and Marsman (5-6th). Congratulations to everyone! Check out the full results on Liquipedia.

The ThermyCup was the first tournament of 2019 to award points for the DSCL Nationals ranking, and those have now been updated. Check out the current list right here, and make sure to play in the upcoming qualifiers!

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