Announcing 2019 DSCL Nationals

03-04-2019 VanCaspel

We’re back everyone! The longest-running Dutch StarCraft II tournament will return for its 7th installment in 2019. The DSCL Nationals will be played on Sunday December 15th in the Esports Game Arena, and throughout the year various tournaments will award DSCL qualification points. The first of these is a big one: the ThermyCup at The Party! Its host uThermal is offering a whopping €1.500 prize pool, and as an added bonus the ThermyCup will award 50% extra DSCL points to its participants.

Four more qualification tournaments are also set for May, June, October and November. They will be held in the Esports Game Arena, and thanks to an anonymous fan of the DSCL each of these four qualifiers will have a prize pool of €275! Go to and put them all in your calendar. More qualification tournaments will be announced as the year progresses, so keep an eye on the website or even better: sign up to our newsletter. It’s the best way to stay up-do-date on DSCL developments.


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