uThermal wins! Photos, VODs and replays

04-12-2018 VanCaspel

All hail uThermal! On Saturday the Dutch Terran playing for Team Liquid won his 4th premier DSCL event by defeating Harstem 4 games to 1 in the finals. An impressive result, especially considering that he dropped only that one map throughout the whole tournament. While he lost the finals, Harstem too showed exactly why he was a favorite in the tournament: 10-0 in the group stage, 3-0 in his semifinal. Marsman and Melle (whose fans cheered him on the entire day!) made it all the way to the semifinals, congratulations to them as well. Check out Liquipedia for the full results.

Now don’t go anywhere, because we have some sick media for you to enjoy:

The event was really awesome. Lots of visitors showed up and played in the audience StarCraft II-tournament and the pubquiz, Martin Rooijackers gave another interesting presentation on AI in StarCraft, and we even had special guests RotterdaM and Kelazhur showing up. The Esports Game Arena was truly a good place to be on Saturday, and if you don’t want to miss next year’s event make sure to sign up for our newsletter. See you then!

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