NEEK’s StarCraft Cup Saturday

25-10-2018 VanCaspel

Yesterday twenty players earned DSCL points in the eW0lfz Brawl! Marsman continued his winning spree and took out Melle in the finals, whereas Fmtc beat Riquiz in a close 2-1 series in the 3rd place match. This means that the top-4 of the ranking somewhat solidifying, but there’s still plenty of room to get top-16 and advance to the online group stage. Check out the updated ranking at

Three more chances to earn points are coming up, the first of which is this Saturday at NEEK’s StarCraft II Cup in Eindhoven. There’s points and StarCraft goodies to be won. Check out this page for all the info. If you haven’t signed up yet do so quickly, because space is running out!

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