eW0lfz have taken over the online qualifier!

15-10-2018 VanCaspel

The Elit3 W0lfz have taken over the second DSCL online qualifier – awooooooo! Don’t worry though: the eW0lfz Brawl still awards points for the DSCL National rankings – they may just be a bit more hairy than usual :). Because of the eW0lfz’s involvement there may now also be prizes, and there will also be a livestream of the matches on Twitch.tv/ew0lfz – make sure to follow their channel and tune in on October 24th!

If you haven’t already, go sign up now on Battlefy. As always players from all skill levels are welcome to play, as they are in all the DSCL Nationals qualifiers. Check out the full list on DSCL.nl/nationals.


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