Ranking develops: upcoming tourneys

04-10-2018 VanCaspel

Yesterday our resident memer Djorjx (Terran) won the first online qualifier, earning him a spot at the top of the ranking. Those points were hard-fought, as many of the top Dutch players participated. Check out the full results on Battlefy. The finals were streamed by uThermal, and lots of fun was had!

For those who are not currently where they want to be in the ranking: do not fret. There’s plenty more opportunities coming up for earning points in the near future. The first of those is this Sunday in the Esports Game Arena in Alphen aan den Rijn. I’ll be there, you’ll be there, everyone else be square? An then next week there’s going to be an absolute world’s first: an offline DSCL-event in Belgium! On Wednesday October 10th, starting at 19:00h sharp, there will be StarCraft II tournament in Outpost Gamecenter in Antwerpen. Let’s see if there are any Belgian players who’ll make a splash in this year’s DSCL Nationals… For a full overview of the upcoming qualifiers, check out DSCL.nl/nationals.

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