Finals Event Groups Published

01-12-2017 VanCaspel

Yesterday the ThermyCup concluded with Harstem – the reigning DSCL Open Champ – taking first place. Congratulations to him, and thanks to all the Dutch players who gave us a really cool tournament to watch. uThermal has already hinted at a second edition in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. The ThermyCup was the last stop in the Local Track, so the 4 players who qualify for the DSCL Open Finals are now set: Fmtc, NEEK, DiTTO and Genix! With this all twelve finalists are determined, and we’ve just released the groups. Find them on Liquipedia and right here:

From each round robin group, three players will advance to the playoffs. Who do you think will make it there? Make sure to come to the Finals Event next week to see it live! Sign up on Facebook, invite your friends, and – for the big fans & supporters – grab your VIP-ticket now (they include a DSCL t-shirt and poster signed by all the players).

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