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25-11-2017 VanCaspel

The Local Track is coming to a close next week in the ThermyCup. Take note:

  • The ThermyCup will award the same amount of points as regular Local Track tournaments, but unlike with regular cups you have to win at least one match in order to get any points!
  • The top-6 from the Local Track have received invites, as well as aGaham, Marsman and Optimus who performed well in the DSCL Open Online Track.
  • If you don’t get an invite but still want to play, you can qualify through the qualifier on Tuesday. The best three players from the qualifier get into the ThermyCup too, bringing the total to 12 players.
  • The €300 prize pool will be distributed as follows: €130 to 1st place, €90 to 2nd, €50 to 3rd and €30 to 4th.

Go sign up and have fun, all ye Benelux players!

Also: today around 18:00h (estimate) the patron of the ThermyCup, uThermal, will be playing in the WESG European Final quarterfinals! Tune in to and check out the full bracket on Liquipedia.


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