Local Track & WESG results

24-11-2017 VanCaspel

Yesterday the last of the regular Local Track tournaments was played at Kayzr. The regular crowd populated the higher echelons of the bracket, and many a top-4 position was solidified. Check out the Local Track-page for the full results and current standings.

Only one chance to earn points remains: next week’s ThermyCup with a €300 prize pool! Players who are in or in range of the top 4 of the Local Track ranking have been invited. If you’re not there but still want to play (for glory and the prize pool) you have to earn your spot through the qualifier on Tuesday. Go sign up now!

In other uThermal-related news: Marc advanced first in his group yesterday at the European Finals of WESG! He’s earned a spot in the quarter finals on Saturday, so tune in tomorrow to cheer him all the way to the finals. By the way: his current result already guarantees Marc a spot at the Global Finals in China. Congratulations!

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