Lilbow vs. uThermal at BLE Masters!

01-10-2015 VanCaspel

Good news for all lovers of StarCraft and e-sports: Firstlook Festival has added the Black Label eSports Masters to their programme! The BLE Masters is a show filled with e-sports lilbow-300x300demonstrations in many different games. Those include Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Counter-Strike, FIFA and of course StarCraft: Legacy of the Void. The show is spread over two nights (9th & 10th of October) and starts at 19h on both days. Check out this page to see which games will be played on which days (hint: StarCraft is on Friday!).

And here’s the cool part: the StarCraft showmatch is powered by the Dutch StarCraft League and will be between none other than our reigning DSCL Open Champion Marc ‘uThermal‘ Schlappi and the reigning WCS Champion David ‘Lilbow‘ Moschetto! Lilbow has recently shown the world that Koreans aren’t all that hot no more by beating a stacked list of players in Krakow. He will also be the only non-Korean to participate in the Global Finals at BlizzCon in November.

Take note though: since the programme will be so stacked there will only be about 30 minutes time for StarCraft, so it’ll only be a best-of-one. Casting will be by Jeroen ‘Weiman‘ Weimar and Simon ‘Lowko‘ Heijnen – they will make sure the visitors enjoy it to the fullest. And of course there’ll be many other e-sports to enjoy on both Friday and Saturday.

For more information (in Dutch) check out this item from Gamekings, and make sure to get your tickets while you can. Take note: you can buy separate tickets for the BLE Masters!

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