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04-06-2013 VanCaspel

As I’m working to return the last of the equipment to our sponsors (resting can wait :P) lots of links to amazing image galleries and movies are filling up my inbox. I’ll share them all in this post – please ENJOY! To all the photographers: thanks so much for sharing. If you have some great photos to share please upload them somewhere and send me the link!

Photo galleries

Jaap Klaver (@seriousEggs)
Bas van Zomeren (@DSCLive)
Jeroen Weimar (@Weiman)
Six Pool Productions (@SixPoolNL)
Christiaan Compaan
KnightS* Gaming photo gallery


Harstem’s reaction to winning DSCL
Gamelux @ DSCL finals
LowLandLions @ DSCL Finals
– Fluff: Exciting encounter between Odin and Kaelaris

Links on Reddit

Empathic story to promote the finals
Image of Harstem right after winning
Harstem’s reaction to winning – video
Kaelaris’ kiss
DSCL appreciation thread 🙂


Interview on NOS Radio with Harstem on the morning before the finals
Interview with Harstem on Fnatic’s website

VODs of the finals will be coming up shortly, as well as a movie produced by Jochem & Menno (the guys who also made this beauty).

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