Order a set of FREE posters & stickers (shipping only)

12-12-2012 VanCaspel

We’d like to call special attention to our promopacks: if you want to help to promote the Dutch StarCraft League or just like our poster design, you can order a free set of 10 posters and 18 stickers! All you pay for is shipping. So why not order a set right away? 🙂 All you need to do is transfer €5 to bank-account number 6336112 of the ‘Stichting E-sports Nederland’, and make sure to include your full address (Dutch adresses only!) in the description. We’ll then send you a promopack as soon as possible, so you can help spread the word about the DSCL at work, at your school or wherever!

Discuss cool places to hang the posters on the forums, which is also where you can post a picture of the best place you’ve put a poster. The coolest entries get a chance to win a cool Blizzard goody!

The posters & stickers are given to us by Drukkert.nl – thanks guys!

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