A sad day for Korean Zergs

12-12-2012 tshot

With the patch-Zerg angst being the “in” thing on most SC2 community websites, there are still days when the world does not conform to the will of the swarm. Today was one of those days.

WC3 legend Jang “Moon” Jae Ho will be parting ways with team Fnatic after disappointing results in his SC2 career. One of the most notable moments was his loss to (then Liquid) HuK at DreamHack Summer. Fnatic released this statement regarding Moon’s upcoming departure: “Unfortunately things were not working out with Moon, his results were not up to par and on Fnatic we felt it was time to let go of him. We are grateful for the time he invested into Fnatic and wish him the best in the future.”
With Moon leaving, Fnatic’s lineup is starting to look rather small, with only aLive, Naama, NightEnD and Oz to their name.

Speaking of a promising Zerg player running into a face-melting Protoss, the EG-StarTale IPTL match saw EG’s newest recruit Revival getting ready to clean house on his first day. After a promising first game in which he beat Curious, it seemed that he was on the right track. Unfortunately, he ran into the WCG and BWC champion PartinG, who -having previously disposed of Revival- proceeded to mop the floor with the rest of team EG, beating Puma, Jaedong, JYP and Thorzain to the end the match 5-1.

http://gosugamers.net/starcraft2/news/2 … ens-iptl-2

On a sidenote
Today’s Day[9] daily focuses on our favorite Protoss, none other than Grubby, so go check it out if you’re interesting in what the Grubster is up to in HotS.
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQP8eY6auWY

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