Shifts in eSports teams EG and Millenium

11-12-2012 tshot

Today some changes in teams Evil Geniuses and Millenium occurred. Team Evil Geniuses added Zerg player Dong Hyun Revival Kim to their ranks. The former South Korean Brood War player, who left TSL on November 28th to start fresh, states that ‘he is very happy to join team EG’.

The French team Millenium, originally a Dark Age of Camelot clan, announced some changes today as well. The Polish Terran player Tomasz Tarson Boron, decided, in agreement with Millenium, to leave the team. In the official statement on their website, Millenium writes about this loss and how they will fill in the gap that Tarson leaves behind.

One of the gap-closers is the new Zerg player Micheal Goswser Dobler, who is a former compLexity member. This new addition to the team evens out the irregularities Millenium had in the roster. The new player roster is now: Benoît Adelscott Strypsteen, Antoine Dayshi Stievenart, Marcin DieStar Wieczorek, Jérémy Feast Vansnick, Park ForGG Ji Soo, Michael Goswser Dobler, Leif KleeneX Boutin and Faton LaLuSh Rekathati.

M.C. Schipper (MCYngarath/MCwrath)

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