2012-2013 ProLeague starts today!

08-12-2012 tshot

The ProLeague starts today. Until today, the ProLeague has always been dominated by South-Korean teams. But recently, teams Evil Geniuses and TeamLiquid formed an (un)holy alliance (see newsitem here) which introduces European, American and Canadian players as well. Their one goal: to participate in, and win, the ProLeague! Although no Dutch players participate in this alliance it is only appropriate to support our European, American and Canadian brothers-in-arms.

Today’s matchups are KT Rolster vs team EG-Liquid and STX Soul vs SK Telecom T1. Taken from TeamLiquid.net; ‘Most likely Proleague will be broadcast at 1 or 2pm KST’ (+9 hours for  GMT). So be sure to keep an eye out for the broadcasts and root for TeamLiquid!

M.C. Schipper (MCYngarath/MCwrath)

Information about the event, rounds and brackets can be found here:

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