Harstem vs Lucifron – IEM Katowice Qualifier

06-12-2012 tshot

In the Intel Extreme Masters Season 7 Katowice EU Qualifier Stage #2 (quite a mouthful) Harstem had to eventually go up against Lucifron. Lucifron won the first match, but Harstem took the second one in style. Lucifron didn’t notice the third base of Harstem for a long time, allowing the Dutch player to take an economic lead from which Lucifron couldn’t recover. The decisive third match was played in favor of the Spaniard. Harstems control of his stalkers was a bit off, allowing Lucifron to get some free kills followed by the elimination of Harstems whole army.

For all the results you can visit the IEM site or the Liguipedia bracket

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