Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses together in ProLeague

05-12-2012 tshot

Fan-favorite western teams Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses have announced today that they would participate in the upcoming Kespa ProLeague under one banner. The longtime rivals lack the individual presence in Korea to participate, but the teams combined offer a solid, well-rounded lineup.

The Team Liquid announcement can be found here, while Evil Geniuses has the news prominently listed on their frontpage. EG also announced the “EG Lab”, a training house in Korea, in the same building as the Incredible Miracle team. Furthermore, they appointed Sung Jin Park, formerly from Kespa team SKT1, as their head coach.

The first ProLeague match of the new TL-EG alliance is on the 8th of december, against KT Rolster, the team of Broodwar-legend Flash.

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