Balance patch addresses Infestors

05-12-2012 tshot

As a “Sinterklaas” present to non-Zergs all over the world, Blizzard has released a list of upcoming changes that will be implemented in the coming day.

Fungal Growth range decreased from 9 to 8.
Infested Terran egg health decreased from 100 to 70.
Seeker Missile from Ravens no longer requires an upgrade to be researched.

In their blog, Blizzard states that the Fungal change should make the ability a bit less prevalent across the board. The Infested Terran egg change should mostly affect PvZ, as it now allows High Templar to remove Infested Terrans that are spawning with a single storm. Finally, the Raven change will make the unit more accessible in lategame TvZ.

These changes should be implemented very soon (today probably) and will only require short server maintenance and no client patch.


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