Ipl season 5

03-12-2012 tshot

The final matches of IPL5 were played last night and the rightful champion is Leenock!
Leenock faced Violet three series in a row, with Violet popping down to the losers bracket to take out Polt in between. Leenock ultimately proved to be the better player and took home the trophy after a very thrilling series of ZvZ.

In the final bracket there were only 2 terrans left standing. The rest: zerg players, with not a single  Protoss in sight.

Because LiquidRet was suspended by his team (following a small drama at the recent DreamHack tournament), there were no Dutch pro-gamers participating in IPL5. However, the tournament was not without a little Dutch flavour, with our very own Grubby casting several games. He did so in style, showing us the games from a true pro-gamers perspective.

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