Grubby runner-up IEM Singapore

25-11-2012 tshot

He really had to work for this achievement, but boy, did he give us a show!!!

Grubby absolutely played like a boss when he had to face MC in the quarter finals. 3-2 in favour of our Dutch hero. But that wasn’t enough for Grubby. In the semi-finals he gave the word ‘persistence’ a new meaning – and the majority of the viewers a heart attack. With a 0-2 deficit, against the Russian player Slivko, the tournament appeared all but over for Grubby. The Dutchman did the impossible and won 3 matches in a row, defeating Slivko and progressing to the finals.

In the finals he lost the first 2 matches, but AGAIN Grubby didn’t give up without a fight. Everything seemed possible once more after two games that tied up the series 2-2. Unfortunately the final game was lost and Manuel Schenkhuizen ended up second place at IEM Singapore. The viewers honoured Grubby by voting him “Sickest Nerd Baller” of the tournament.

A job well done Grubby!! You have proven once again that you have what it takes to be ranked amongst the absolute best. Thanks for a great tournament!

Sting won IEM Singapore. Grubby took a convincing second place
photo by @followcassandra 

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